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You need to be aware of the ingredients, what they are and what they are doing to your dog. 

The Reality of "Dog Food"

The Facts


  • 47% of dogs will die from Cancer (Veterinary Cancer Society).

  • 59% of UK dogs are Obese (Vet Record)

  • The average dog owner spends £450 per year on medical bills. (MoreThan)

  • Common Dog Disorders are rising at there fastest rate ever!

The Reasons

  • Nutrition is at the heart of these issues plaguing our dogs.

  • The same low quality, processed meal everyday is NOT healthy. 

  • Unaware Vets sell the lowest quality processed foods to loving dog owners.

(Royal Canin, Hills, Purina)

Fresh Food. Life's necessity.

The Facts


  • No animal on this planet is evolved to eat low quality,  processed food.

  • Dog are designed to eat a range of fresh foods - Vet. Nick Thompson

  • Diet can often be the reason for illness and the cure from illness.

  • Correct diet can safeguard your dog and save you £000s in Vet bills.

Your Dog

  • Healthy diet is a key pillar of responsible dog ownership.

  • Correctly balanced fresh food meals need to be made available your dog.

  • Do it safely with the help of Cam. The Dog Nutritionist.